Harvey's Gourmet Donuts

Coffee - Craft Rootbeer - Milk - Blended Drinks

19030 Railroad Ave, Sonoma, CA
Friday & Saturday
4:00 pm - 8:00 pm

 Masks are required 
Limited Outdoor Seating with Heaters

July 2 & 3 - CLOSED for our Grand Opening Weekend on the Sonoma Square - visit us there!
414 First Street East, Sonoma

July 9th - CLOSED for a Private Party - visit us Downtown instead!
414 First Street, East on the Historic Sonoma Plaza

July 10th - Shoubu Shushi & Live Music! 
July 16th -  Sushi Shoubu https://www.sushishoubufoodtruck.com/menu
July 17th - The Ulitmate Souvlaki 

June 23rd - The Ultimate Souvlaki https://www.facebook.com/ultimatesouvlaki/                          June 24th -  AdoboS n' More

July 30th - Phat Salads & Wraps
July 31st - AdoboS n' More              

Do you own a food truck? Would you like to join us? Call or email today!
707.246.5928 or harveysdonuts@yahoo.com